GSTECH | Work Health & Safety Policy


GSTEC principle business is the selling and installation, servicing and repair of electrical and communication products. This policy applies to all staff, apprentices, contractors and other personnel at workplaces under the management of GSTEC.

GSTEC is committed to the health and safety of all workers and others that may be affected by our work activities. This includes the protection of all workers by complying with WHS legislation, demonstrating due diligence and the application of best practice strategies and industry-based WHS policies and procedures. People are our most important asset and their health and safety is of the greatest importance within a safe and productive work environment.

Managers and supervisors have the responsibility for implementing this and other policies as an integral part of their accountabilities; they may delegate their WHS duties and activities, but not abdicate their responsibilities.

Workers have an obligation to take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others, and to cooperate and comply with reasonable policy, procedures and instructions.

The objectives of this policy are to:

  • prevent work related injuries and illnesses and aspire to an incident free workplace,
  • continuously improve the health and safety skills of our workers,
  • pursue industry best practice and a safe workplace culture,
  • provide an emergency response program,
  • comply with all legislative requirements.

These objectives will be achieved by:

  • maintaining up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the nature of operations and the associated hazards and risks for the purpose of preventing illness or injury to any person,
  • provision of processes to eliminate or minimise risks,
  • provision of a healthy and safe work environment with appropriate resources, processes and support to enable work to be undertaken in the safest possible way,
  • provision of safe systems of work including the safe use, handling and storage of plant, structures and substances,
  • involving our workers in the decision-making processes through structured and informal communication, consultation and learning,
  • provision of necessary information, training, instruction or supervision,
  • provision of adequate facilities for the welfare of workers,
  • provision of appropriate processes for reporting, receiving and considering information regarding incidents, hazards and risks and responding in a timely way to that information,
  • monitoring the health of workers, the effectiveness of systems and workplace conditions,
  • providing effective injury management and rehabilitation strategies.

All workers are authorised and expected to stop work and immediately notify their supervisor if a task carries an unacceptable level of risk.

GSTEC will maintain a documented safety management system and provide appropriate support and resources. System implementation, maintenance and verification will be achieved through demonstrated leadership of all managers and supervisors and the commitment and involvement of all workers.

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