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Cybersecurity is not as simple as strong passwords, SSL certificates and back ups. Cybersecurity is cultural - it is embedded in everything that we do, whether it involves people, processes or technology.

In the simplest of terms, our clients can expect that any GSTEC solution means only the right people can gain access, protecting both their systems and their data.

Systems Integration

With the scope, velocity and impact of cloud based services, IoT ready devices and cyber security concerns , the integration of building services has become ever more complex. As a Master Systems Integrator (MSI), we connect the building stakeholders to their systems and provide useful, meaningful, and important information and control.

From the pre-construction phase, providing design consultancy to the construction phase, writing the specifications and integrating the software to meet the client's goals through to project completion to ensure the project has achieved its goals.

After completion, GSTEC remains a key partner to the client by offering 24h support for all of the systems provided through the project.

Integrated Communications Networks (ICN)

ICNs provide the backbone of a Smart Building, transporting data between multiple building operating technologies (OT), such as access control, CCTV and BMS.

GSTEC can deliver both the physical and the digital components of an ICN from the fibre backbone and IT infrastructure to network management of users and devices.

Smart Building Application Development

Smart Building applications use the data generated by the multiple operating technologies in a building to improve a building’s performance, usability, and internal environment.

GSTEC, with its expertise in digital building technologies can work with building stakeholders to put their valuable data to work.

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