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GSTEC has access to high-end solutions along with strong relationships and local back-end support from global automation manufacturers. As a result, we undertake large scale projects with confidence while remaining adaptable and competitive on smaller projects.

Building Management Systems (BMS)

GSTEC has over 20 years of experience in the building automation market.

The company is an accredited Honeywell Building Construction Industry (BCI) partner, as well as a leading Australian installer of the Honeywell WEBS series of Niagara controllers. Niagara solutions have proven to be extremely successful in the marketplace enjoying strong support among consultants, facilities staff and building owners.

In 2013, Schneider Electric released the SmartStruxure™ (now EcoStruxure™) automation solution to the market. These highly integrated, new generation products represented the largest single R&D investment by Schneider in its corporate history. GSTEC were one of the first companies in Australia to be offered full access to the products based on its experience, capability and capacity.

These products now form an integral part of GSTEC’s offering in building automation and energy optimisation projects. Schneider’s innovative channel partner arrangements allowed GSTEC to enjoy the support and backing of a market leader, while maintaining its independence and flexibility – a matter of critical importance to our clients.

Access to the above high-end solutions, along with strong relationships with, and local back-end support, from these two global automation manufacturers allows GSTEC to undertake large scale projects with confidence while remaining adaptable and competitive on smaller projects.

GSTEC undertakes building automation projects through its dedicated Projects Team. Our in-house licensed electricians, apprentices, project managers and administrative support staff provide the company with the capacity needed to simultaneously manage multiple projects. Strong internal QA processes ensure on-time completion of projects and positive outcomes for clients and end users.

BMS Commissioning

GSTEC’s Commissioning Team operates as a quasi-independent group within the business ensuring quality, compliance, adherence to specification and accurate documentation at project handover.

BMS Engineering

The technical component of building automation projects is managed by our office-based engineering group who undertake the development of control strategies and functional descriptions, network design, hardware selection, logic programming, graphical interface builds and remote support of the installation teams through the course of the project.

Guestroom Management

Our guest room management system integrates with building management, property management and third party systems to provide a holistic view of each guest room in your hotel.

With guest room analytics, occupancy-based energy management and intuitive guest-facing technology, operators can reduce hotel energy consumption, improve operational efficiency and give guests the comfort, control and convenience they expect.

Energy Management

GSTEC's experience in energy reduction projects along with our engineering and technical capabilities make energy management a natural fit for our business.

From the office - with our engineering and technical capability, to the field - with our experience in energy measurement, VFDs, BMS and data collection, GSTEC provides a complete and integrated energy package to our clients from power, water and gas meter installation to the provision of monitoring, integration and energy management systems.

Through our best-in-class hardware and software offerings, GSTEC delivers scaleable energy solutions from single buildings to enterprise level portfolios.

Keeping abreast of new technologies and innovations in an ever-changing energy environment ensures best-practice, bespoke solutions for our clients.

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