GSTECH | Support


Our dedicated, multi-disciplinary team of experienced service technicians bring substantial automation, electrical and HVAC skills to our clients and their assets.

The service team comprises qualified licensed electricians, instrumentation technicians, and automation engineers ensuring quality, safety and compliance.

These field-based staff are supported by a dedicated back office service manager, service coordinator and remote engineering support (RES) team managing workflow and providing advice to the onsite service team and clients.

We focus on supporting our clients through the transition from the implementation phase of the project to the operational phase where maintenance of the asset, occupant comfort, and building efficiency become the priorities for building owners and property managers

The technical capabilities of our field-based staff offer security and reassurance to our clients. The multi-disciplinary nature of the team results in the resolution of issues quickly and efficiently across the automation/electrical divide.

Our dedicated remote engineering support team (known as RES) remotely diagnoses and resolves automation issues on our clients’ sites, reducing response times and asset downtime.

24h breakdown

  • Building automation
  • Mechanical electrical
  • Electrical
  • Remote Engineering Support (RES)

Programmed preventative maintenance services (PPM)

  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Energy management systems (EMS)
  • Switchboards (thermographic testing & annual maintenance)
  • Electrical (RCD testing, emergency & evacuation light testing, equipment test & tag)

Data driven maintenance (DDM)

  • Offsite engineering review
  • Building performance improvement report
  • Onsite targeted action list
  • Analytics Integrated Maintenance Services (AIMS)

Engineering Services

  • NABERS tracking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Domain Management

Building tuning

  • Recommissioning
  • Optimisation
  • Energy reduction strategies

Auditing and reporting services

  • Power quality
  • Building automation and electrical end of life reporting
  • Switchboard & Electrical compliance

Metering & Validation

  • Meter replacement & repairs
  • Meter validation
  • NABERS verification

Life-cycle Management

Our building management system (BMS) enables you to monitor, control, and optimise your building’s performance throughout its lifecycle. Our room controllers ensure optimal comfort while our valves and actuators enable you to control your facilities assets.

We can develop integrated life-cycle management solutions at every stage of your facility's construction and handover, and later with management, maintenance and upgrades as required.


Building tuning, BMS re-commissioning and energy optimisation have evolved as key tools to improve building performance and drive energy reduction in both brownfield and greenfield sites.

GSTEC works alongside key players, including building owners, property managers, consultants, and mechanical contractors to achieve significant improvements in building performance.

GSTEC has been engaged as a partner and integral to NABERS improvement programs across multiple sites and buildings.

Head Office

1 / 10-14 Lilian Fowler Place

Marrickville NSW 2204

Ph: 1300 938 216