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GSTEC's ability to retain staff has been crucial to the development of our team of experienced and capable technicians, who provide substantial technical expertise in power solutions.

Electrical for Mechanical

GSTEC started in business as an electrical contracting company, and our electricians continue to play a critical role within the business.

Unlike similar businesses, GSTEC’s foundations in electrical contracting has given the business a solid platform for the increased interactions between the electrical and automation components of buildings and the provision of electrical for mechanical and electrical services remains a strong focus of the company’s endeavours.

GSTEC has long recognised the synergies that result in offering combined electrical for mechanical and building automation services and believes it represents a true market advantage by providing clients with specialist electrical skills in what is effectively a subset of the wider electrical services sector.

GSTEC undertakes electrical for mechanical and electrical projects through its dedicated Projects Team. Our in-house licensed electricians, apprentices, project managers and administrative support staff provide the company with the capacity needed to simultaneously manage multiple projects. Strong internal QA processes ensure on-time completion of projects and positive outcomes for clients and end users.


GSTEC’s in-house switchboard and panel building shop supplements the electrical, electrical for mechanical and automation areas of the business and allows GSTEC to offer full service offerings to our clients.

The company has a dedicated engineering and switchboard/panel building team for the design, drafting, construction and testing of Forms 1, 2, 3 and 4 LV (1kV) switchboards to 3200 amps. Our production capability includes Motor Control Centres, LV distribution Boards and Main Switch Boards as well as automation panels for BMS projects.

We regularly integrate our automation controllers within the Motor Control Centres providing costs savings, improved functionality and smaller footprints.

Energy metering and energy management systems (EMS)

GSTEC offers a complete energy metering solution for buildings. From meter installation and validation, to data collection and export, visualisation and reporting.

Our partnerships with key hardware and software providers allow us to offer a variety of metering, data collection, visualisation and reporting solutions. In addition, GSTEC can provide sub-metering of the buildings’ gas and water assets covering all of your NABERS metering requirements, including NABERS exclusion metering.

As part of our power solutions offering, GSTEC can install sub metering systems to all of the buildings’ LV distribution and equipment. From utility check meters on the main switchboard to final sub-circuit monitoring, GSTEC’s electrical installation teams can provide a compliant and safe installation ready for connection to energy monitoring systems. GSTEC will liaise with all the required stakeholders including energy authorities and ASPs, ensuring a seamless installation.

EV Chargers

Across Australia, most local and state governments are starting to form policies around electric cars. Early in 2020, the Berejiklian government introduced its Net Zero Plan – part of which involves removing "unnecessary barriers" to electric car uptake, like higher purchase prices and access to off-street charging. In September 2020, as part of a $75m package in the forthcoming budget, the Federal government announced funding for the installation of charging stations for both public use and at workplaces, a key component underpinning EV uptake.

GSTEC is at the forefront of this technology. Utilising Schneider Electric EVlink Chargers and stations for safe and efficient charging, and incorporating a power load management function as well as direct tenant access and billing to minimise handling and management costs for the building owner.

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